This form is to request an audition/interview for one or more of the Fine Arts and Mass Communication departments at Butler Community College.
Students interested in scholarships in Art, Dance Team, Mass Communications (Radio/TV/Newspaper/Magazine/Sports Media), Music (Vocal or Instrumental), or Theatre (Performance or Technical) should complete this form and select a desired audition date.

Students interested in attending Butler for the Fall of 2014 are expected to audition on either Saturday, February 1st or Friday, March 7th.Upon completion, a member of the Butler staff will contact you to confirm your selection as well as answer other questions.  

For additional information, including faculty phone numbers and email addresses or information on how to prepare for your audition/interview, please visit: and select the link titled "Fine Arts and Mass Communications Scholarship Info Sheets."
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Note: Art Portolios will only be judged on Friday, March 7th

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I certify that information contained in this application is true and complete.  I understand that false information may be grounds for not receiving an audition/interview, or for immediate termination of a scholarship at any point in the future if one is granted.  I authorize the verification of any or all information listed on this form.

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Thank you for registering to attend a Fine Arts and Mass Communication audition/interview at Butler Community College. 

One of our faculty will contact you to confirm your selected date.  If you have additional questions about auditions/interviews, please visit for more information or contact Carol Renfro at
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